Meet the Kids
HCPT Group 170 take children aged 7-11 years old, from Southampton and the surrounding area. Children are nominated by schools, parishes, social workers and paediatricians, and we often take friends of children who have travelled with us in the past. We can manage most medical and physical needs due to the high number of doctors and nurse win our group, and we have also built up expertise in our many returning helpers who have a wide range of skills and talents.
We do try to prioritise Catholic children, but children of all faiths and none are welcome and have enjoyed the pilgrimage aspects of our week. The focus is on a fun, friendly, family style holiday, with the children’s needs being met as part of our everyday routine, rather than something that causes them to miss out on activities. If your child has been nominated to be one of our little stars and you would like to talk to the parents of some of our previous children, we have several who would be only too happy to help. We do understand how nerve wracking it is for parents to hand over the care of your precious child, and we take our responsibility very seriously.
Have a look at these pages to see just how much our children benefit from the trip, and how HCPT really does change lives through pilgrimage.