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on pilgrimage-holiday in Lourdes with HCPT
We woke up early in the morning for our long journey to Lourdes! It was still dark when we got to the coach stop. The little stars were all excited as were the Superstars! 
The children all enjoyed the flight, first time flying for a few of the little stars! We had a brilliant plane picnic, with Pizza, sausages and more! Safe landing in Lourdes in the afternoon and headed to our hotel. 
After unpacking and seeing our rooms we all got together and had a drink, played board games and card games and chat in the hotel cafe :)
Early night as we were all very tired!! The little stars all went to bed beautifully in their hotel rooms and slept well!! 
On Sunday we were grateful for smiley children and safe journeys.
After a lovely breakfast we headed down to the Grotto and had our first look of the domain. The little stars all reached out to touch the Grotto and the water that ran down.
Canon PJ took us on a tour of the Old Town and told us the Story of Lourdes and Bernadette. We saw where Bernadette lived, was baptised and objects that were important to her. The little stars were all engaged and enjoyed listening to the Story. We finished our tour with the Water Liturgy, which the little stars all listened carefully to Canon PJ.
In the afternoon we attended the Welcome Liturgy, where we watched Bernadette’s story, listened and sung together. Lots of different HCPT groups joined together for this and it was lovely to see!
We went to the meadow after the welcome liturgy then dinner back at the hotel. 
We had a wonderful bedtime story “Peace at Last” acted out by some of the Little Stars! After a bedtime prayer we all snuggled up for a lovely sleep!!
On Monday we were grateful for enthusiastic HCPT groups and kind little stars that look out for each other ⭐
Following a yummy breakfast we went down the Domain for our Group Photo in front of the grand basillica before we went to the grotto and the meadow for fun and games! The Little Stars loved the parachute and played football then we headed back to the hotel for lunch.
We made the walk to the coach park to take the journey to Hosanna House (one of many highlights of our week!). We had Group 170 Mass in the beautiful Chapel overlooking the mountains. What a view!! 
The little stars enjoyed the petting zoo, holding guinea pigs and rabbits and seeing goats and a big duck!
There was face painting, crafts and snacks to be had by all. ⭐
We finished off our day with a funny bedtime story “Poo at the Zoo” which the Little Stars thought was very silly! 
Our bedtime prayer tonight was thought provoking and the Little Stars talked about the things they were grateful for on our pilgrimage to Lourdes.
On Tuesday we were grateful for glorious sunshine and the Little Stars shared they were grateful for everyone that makes this trip possible for them to achieve and enjoy 
On Wednesday Morning, the sun was out and Group 170 headed down for one of our favourite events of the week our yummy cafe breakfast (the chips were great!) and an early morning grotto visit, which was beautiful in the sunshine. The morning on Wednesday also saw the return of the Group 170 talent show, we had a Strongman, singing, dancing, a fireman came to the rescue and there was a very intense ready, steady, go race! We headed to lunch after the Talent show and ate a delicious meal before our afternoon began. 
Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed regional mass. All of the little stars especially enjoyed rise and shine at the end of regional mass and taking up their shining light to the altar.  The sun was still shining brightly so we had some meadow fun, swapping badges and football with some of the other HCPT groups.
On Wednesday we were grateful for Lasagne, chips and helpful cafe staff and the glorious sunshine!
Wow whee! What a busy day!!! We woke up early to get the best seats at trust mass! Which we achieved! We spent our time doing fun face paint, temporary tattoos, hairstyles, colouring and more badge/peg swapping! 
The Trust Mass was amazing, the Little Stars watched and listened with interest and sang with their whole hearts and voices! We all especially enjoyed “sing it in the valleys” with some very enthustiastic Superstars!
We had an earlier lunch than usual before a firm favourite trip to the Animal Park. The animals were loved by all! So many engaged happy and enthusiastic Little Stars! 
A theme of the week has been the story “we are going on a bear hunt” and we finally found the bear at the animal park - which was very exciting! The sun was shining again so we finished the day with an ice cream before getting the coach back to the hotel. 
It was a busy but wonderful day, loved by all! 
On Thursday we were grateful for a well loved story, and smiling children’s faces!
A very hot sunny day (27-29C)! 😎 ☀ 
This morning our little stars and super stars had a little lay in which we all enjoyed! We then went to the Chapel of Joan of Arc with Father  PJ and group 14 for morning Mass.  We all loved listening, praying and singing.
After a delicious lunch in our hotel we had some free time playing games and packing 😥. A refreshing cafe trip for ice creams, waffles and crepes gave us the energy to make our way down to the meadow where we all sat on picnic blankets in the shade. We decorated our group candle 🕯with our team names and the names of friends and loved ones whom we wished to pray for. This was a very special time, all the little stars sat very quietly and said prayers for one another. Our beautiful candle shines brightly with all of the other candles near the Grotto. 
To end our last whole day in Lourdes we had a fantastic party, with games, music, dancing and party food. 🥳 
We also celebrated the amazing achievements  all of the little stars have accomplished during our magical trip. ✨ 
We are grateful for trees providing shade, new friendships made and huge achievements xx

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