Common themes of the day: waiting, waiting and more waiting!


We all gathered on Easter Sunday morning ready for our exciting pilgrimage to Lourdes. Once all of our little stars had arrived we set off on our coach journey to Stanstead in anticipation of our short plane journey... little did we know that it was the beginning of some unexpected waiting for us!


Our little stars fresh from saying their goodbyes and full of excitement started to ask about our week ahead and told us how many chocolate Easter eggs they had received (5 was the most!). This led to an earlier than expected lunch due to rumbling tummies and the thought of chocolate!


As we arrived at the airport we were welcomed with a wave of colour and song from other groups travelling with us readying themselves as we were.


Everything was moving smoothly until we came to boarding the plane where due to previous delayed flights, we were pushed back 2 hours. Undeterred, our little stars persisted to sing, play and bond over common interests.


After a long trip and disembarking process, we arrived at our hotel at 22:00: a full 12hrs after our departure! We ate a quick but tasty dinner and got our stars to bed by 23:30. Although absolutely shattered, they continued to be a joy all day and late into the night, keeping our bigger stars from total exhaustion and keeping everyone smiling ready for the real start of our week!!