Group 170 are back from Lourdes having had a wonderful time! Look around the website to see what we got up to, or visit our Facebook page for more....



We would love your prayers now that we are back and settling in our usual lives.

We will be doing all SORTS of things while we are away - playing and eating and praying and meeting new friends.

A Helper's Reflection

Unless you change and become like children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven

(Matt 18:3)

As we travelled out to Lourdes I was really struck by the immense trust that the children placed in us as their helpers. Although we had all spent time with our young charges, familiarising ourselves with one another prior to the trip, they barely knew us and yet, they quite happily climbed on a coach with us, waved goodbye to their families and, for the next eight days, trusted us to take care of their every need – from personal care and sustenance to emotional support and entertainment. I was in quiet awe as the children took our hands or settled back into their wheel chairs and let us take them into unknown territory. I was humbled that these very young people, some of whom had never been away from their loved ones for more than a few hours, surrendered themselves to our care. I was delighted by their questions, their curiosity and their sense of wonder. And with utter clarity I understood what Jesus meant when He said that we will never enter the Kingdom, unless we change and become like children. Unless we become like those Easter pilgrimage children, who surrendered themselves to us and had the time of their lives…